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Beech Acres Parent Coaching

by Jennie November 27, 2014

beech acres Vision chart

I have talked many times in the past about the awesome Beech Acres Parenting Center classes I have attended. I have received so much great information from these classes that I have used to parent my boys. I LOVE what they teach and how they explain it to the every day parent!  They teach off […]


Kroger Pick Up Service- NEW!

by Jennie November 26, 2014

Kroger pick up service

I just recently found out about the NEW Kroger Pick Up Service they just recently launched at the Kroger in Liberty Township. This happens to be my “home” store so I was SUPER excited to try this out and share my experience with you! I posted a few times on Facebook and can see that […]


Winter Camps and Field Trips at The Little Gym Mason

by Jennie November 25, 2014

kinder music the little gym mason

Having the kids at home for Winter break can make for a crazy household! Get those kids out of the house for some Winter FUN at The Little Gym Mason! They are offering two options this winter break: Winter Camps or Winter Field Trips.  Winter Camps These are intended for children ages 3-10 (bathroom independence […]


ONCE Musical at the Aronoff

by Jennie November 12, 2014

Once Musical

Winner of eight 2012 Tony Awards including BEST MUSICAL, ONCE is a truly original Broadway experience. Featuring an impressive ensemble of actor/musicians who play their own instruments onstage, ONCE tells the enchanting tale of a Dublin street musician who’s about to give up on his dream when a beautiful young woman takes a sudden interest in his haunting love […]


Izzy’s Restaurant: Kids Eat Free and a Giveaway

by Jennie November 10, 2014

Izzy's Restaurant

Izzy’s is famous for their AMAZING Reuben sandwiches, delicious pickles and mouth-watering potato pancakes! My favorite thing on the menu is their Goetta Reuben….OMG it is amazing! Perfect combo of sauerkraut, goetta, cheese and Izzy’s famous sauce. Pair it with a potato pancake and pickles and you have the PERFECT meal in my opinion!  Now Izzy’s […]


Get Your Kids Out the Door for School Without the Yelling

by Jennie November 6, 2014

picture checklist

This is my first child in Kindergarten so it was an adjustment to say the least. Gone are the days we can all go out for the day at the Zoo or an outing without having to be anywhere. Thankfully, our bus pickup ended up being afternoon Kindy for us… I am happy to put […]


Snow Tubing at the Beach Waterpark!

by Jennie November 3, 2014

beach mountain snow tubing

It’s snowing at The Beach… Beach Mountain, that is!  Workers are presently blowing snow to cover the Mountain’s 400-foot snow tubing runs.  The Beach Waterpark’s newest winter attraction, Beach Mountain opens at 10:00AM on November 21 and runs through March 1, 2015.  In addition to snow tubing, Beach Mountain will feature a Play Area and special events that […]


Win a Pumpkin Pie from Frisch’s

by Jennie October 31, 2014

frisch's pumpkin pie

  Frisch’s Big Boy is looking to highlight deserving members of the community and reward them with Frisch’s award-winning pumpkin pie!!! Who doesn’t LOVE the pumpkin pie from Frisch’s?! We get one every year for Thanksgiving for my father -in-law… it’s his FAV!  Now through November 23, anyone can log on to Frisch’s Facebook page to […]


Renting a Stroller for Disney

by Pam White October 28, 2014

Simple Stroller

It takes more than a little pixie dust to make the most of your Disney trip. As you plan, you will receive advice from everyone who has ever been and I’ve decided not to be the exception! In a three-part series I will share tips and tricks I learned from my first time at Disney. […]


The Little Gym Mason

by Jennie October 27, 2014

The Little Gym Mason

If you read my blog at all you know how much I am in love with The Little Gym Mason. I had some major separation/ anxiety issues with my oldest Cody and The Little Gym was a HUGE part in helping me through this time, building his confidence in small steps and working with me […]


Must Have Pregnancy Products

by Jennie October 23, 2014

borrow for your bump

I wanted to share some of my favorite products for pregnancy! This list has narrowed over my many pregnancies, as you realize what you REALLY need vs. what you want just because. So equip yourself to have the best pregnancy eva!  Mama Mio I absolutely LOVE this company! I have used them for every pregnancy […]


Ride the Ducks Tour

by Jennie October 20, 2014

Ride the Ducks Tour

I am all about exploring our city and the Ride the Ducks tour has been on my bucket list! Every time I see it driving around downtown I think about how I want to try it out myself! Now that Cody is in Kindy it is hard to do a ton in the mornings before […]

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