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by Jennie on March 22, 2012

We talk a lot about healthy living on this blog with one of the things being eating healthy. We don’t eat healthy all the time, last night we had coneys since it was right next to swim class, but a lot of the times I cook our meals from scratch or I buy a healthy “boxed alternative”. For example:

*Wildtree: Awesome food and reasonably priced for the all natural ingredients.
*Organic fruit leather vs. fruit roll ups
*Veggie straws or fruit crisps vs. chips
*Organic yogurt squeezers vs the ones filled with yucky stuff

You get my drift (no, I don’t deprive my kids even though some of my friends may think so lol!). Even if you don’t enjoy cooking or feel like you have the time to do it, there are healthy alternatives to anything you buy. If you make the switch one by one, your kids won’t know the difference and their bodies, minds and moods will thank you!

You also should feed your body the good stuff and one place I always found was hard to stick to my guns was at work. Everyone brings in sweet treats and I just could not resist. If you have this problem too, you may want to mention to your boss the new program being offered by Green BEAN. I get this delivered to the house a few times a month and love the convenience of having healthy foods delivered right to my door. They are now doing the same for work places! That way you have healthier food options at work! How great is that?! You can check out more info here and just let them know Surviving Motherhood sent ya! If you want a personal bin and it is your first order, put our name in to receive a discount!

You can check out our healthy living page for other ideas or check out my recent post on the new food pyramid and how you can start feeding your family healthy, portion controlled food. I have been having a lot of fun teaching Cody about all the things I have learned from the site!

Canning is another great way to save money and eat healthy!

What one change could you make today that would be easy, but healthier??

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Amanda March 22, 2012 at 1:25 pm

My kids love the fruit leather! And the fruit ropes!


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