The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati is enrolling for Winter Classes at TCT Academy

by Jennie on January 8, 2018

My sister Sara is back for another guest blogging series for The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati  Academy. My adorable niece Skylar is taking another session of classes so Sara will be reporting back with several posts on how things are going. Check out her first post on deets about classes and registration. 

Cincinnati Children's Theatre

How would you like to warm up your winter with a little action, a little music, a little drama, and a lot of fun! Well it’s showtime at The Children’s Theater of Cincinnati Academy, winter semester, and we are ready to rock!

My daughter loved the Drama for Beginner’s class she took part in over the summer and before it even ended, she was begging to sign up for more classes. There are so many to choose from, and they even extended the courses from 12-week to 15-week sessions, they didn’t even raise the prices!

Now if your child is anything like mine, you’ll already have an idea of what class he or she will take but if you need a little nudge in the right “creative” Direction, they have a Pathways Program that helps your child find exactly what makes them shine at the TCT Academy. My daughter is registered for the Musical Theatre Medley class and is already bragging about how she gets to perform on the Showtime Stage again! I loved the experience of her summer session, but I’m even more excited about the classes this winter. If you are like me, winter brings a bit of cabin fever with the cold cutting into outdoor playtime, so a chance to do something like this every week with my daughter is like a breath of fresh (dare I say summer) air! So join us in all the TCT Academy fun and check back to read about our adventure, part Deux!

This post is sponsored by The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. Thanks for reading!

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