Happy New Year’s Eve

by Jennie on December 31, 2012

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! 2012 has been one heck of a ride! The thing I have enjoyed most this year is watching my boys grow together. It has been an amazing thing seeing the friendship and love that has developed between them (and the fighting too of course)! I am looking forward to ringing in the New Year with my boys…all three of them!

I have MANY things I want to do in 2013, but my biggest goal is to SAVE MONEY on our organic lifestyle. Now that I am feeding 4 mouths, our grocery bill has gone up quite a bit. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy the types of food we wanted and not worry too much about the price, but I am quickly realizing that with two growing boys (and in the hopes that we can add one more to the fam in the future), our grocery bill will just keep growing. My goal is to share with you how I save money on our food this year and I would love any help, tips and ideas you can share with me along the way! You can check out our sister sites goals for 2013 and her favorite posts of the year! There is some GREAT info included!

Have a wonderful day and if you are partying hard tonight, have fun and be safe!

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