21 Pounds Lost with Weight Watchers!

by Jennie on March 20, 2012

I have talked a lot about how I wanted things to be different with the birth of my second little guy…. It took me SO long to start feeling like myself with Cody and I just wanted to feel good sooner than I had when I gave birth to Cody. My pregnancy with Grayson was o.k….. I didn’t even know until I was 9 weeks so the exhaustion and morning sickness I had was chalked up to having a toddler and possibly the flu! We had the house on the market so I was constantly keeping the house clean and keeping things picked up. Once the house sold, we were moving and then unpacking and getting ready for a baby so needless to say, it wasn’t the easiset pregnancy. With that being said, of course I felt 100% better once I delivered- you know how good it feels to get that baby out!!

Once I hit my 6 week marker post baby G, I started taking the boys out for walks and then jogs around my neighborhood which was great for all of us. As the weather got cooler, I kind of stopped the workouts, but I did want to do something to try and shed the weight. My mom had just joined weight watchers and wanted me to do it with her. I finally thought, why not?!

SO, I used her password (sorry WW) and her resources and went from there. Initally, it was hard. The first couple of days you are just calculating the foods you normally eat. I would recommend taking an hour and just get points for everything you eat on a regular basis to save yourself time throughout the day. Once you get the point values down for your regulary eaten foods, it gets pretty easy. You measure out your portions and keep track of your points.

There are so many great resources out there that tell you points for food, restaurant menu points, weight watchers points plus calculator and barcode scanners to make your weight loss journey easy. I must say that I have always, at least in my adult life, tried to eat healthier, more natural foods, but this program really teaches you about portion sizes which we are so out of touch with! You don’t have to deprive yourself of anything. As long as you plan out your day accordingly, you can allot points for that evening ice cream you enjoy.

*Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone (has loads of WW resources)
*Weight Watchers Points Plus Calculator (you can calculate your food points using this calculator)
*You can google WW recipes for a ton of free weight watchers recipes!

I have been on it for a little over two months and have lost 21 pounds! I feel amazing and actually haven’t been this weight or size since before my kids which is a bonus. I will say that I think I lost so quickly because I am solely nursing. I haven’t given Grayson and formula yet so all of his milk comes from me and that burns a lot of calories so keep that in mind. I also gave up soda SO if you are going to try it, don’t get discouraged if it takes you a little longer. Just know that it works and keep it up!!! I think they say you can expect 1-2 pounds a week which is a good way to lose it, slow and steady.

All in all, I think WW is a way of life. It isn’t a crash diet where you lose all your weight and then gain it right back. As long as you stick with it, you can maintain your goal weight as long as you choose :) Last year was such an amazing year for our family. This year ( even though I have a new little guy) is my year. I have made sure to carve out time for myself…..following weight watchers, reading 10 minutes a day, doing my hair almost :) every day etc. Those things have made me so happy and refreshed that I can give even more to my family in the long run. This has really been the start of an amazing year for me as Jennie…..giving back to me is important and you should do the same for yourself. You know I am always saying that we deserve it!!!!

What can you do for yourself this year that will make YOU happy?!

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Amanda March 20, 2012 at 5:59 pm

You look SO awesome! It's crazy to look at you… you are so skinny! Move over Jennifer Hudson! Here comes Jennie Janzen! How did your mom do? You are definantly a motivation for me!


Jen March 20, 2012 at 9:07 pm

OMG! Thanks A! I don't know if I am that skinny, but I am much smaller than I have been in awhile! I can't say that I mind being called skinny though :) Mom is trucking along. She isn't really following it like I had been. Glad to be a motivation! You can do it!!!!


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