Safety Town

by Jennie on August 2, 2013

Today is “Graduation Day” for Cody from Safety Town. I blogged about it at the beginning of the summer and I am SO happy with the program I wanted to give it one last shout out. If you have a Safety Town in your area, I would HIGHLY recommend getting the kiddos signed up. I took C to the one in Tri-County Mall and it only cost $15 for the entire week! Not bad!!

Street Safety: They learn about things like  crossing the street (pedestrian safety), watching out for cars (traffic safety), stop lights, stop signs and they even had little cars for the kids to drive around on in their “town” they created. IMAG0545

Police: The police officers came to talk about what their job is and the kids were able to go into the car, explore and hear the sirens.

safety town

Fire Safety: They had 2 fire trucks and an ambulance for the kids to explore and learn all about what the fire fighters do in their jobs.  They taught the kids Stop, Drop and Roll and what to do if they were near a fire. IMAG0564

Bus Safety: They had a school bus there that the kids got to go on and they taught them how to behave on a bus and the proper ways of exiting the bus if there was an emergency. I was so glad to see they did this because I want to get Cody as use to the bus as possible before Kindergarten starts. I know his preschool brings in a school bus, but I think the more times they can see and it and explore it the better!

They had a craft every day as well as a snack and sang songs to go with the theme of the day. It was SUPER CUTE and the kids had a BLAST!! We will certainly be doing this again next year :)


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