Things to Consider When Renting a Moving Truck

by Jennie on December 21, 2012

With the holidays upon us, there may be some of you traveling to see family and/or friends and with that comes….car rental of some type. I also know of a few friends who are moving and you almost always need a large rental van! Even my sister-in-law works for U-Haul and I’ve heard her talk about great tips to keep in mind when renting a moving truck. Take some of the frustration out of moving by following this simple guide. These few tips can save you time and money when renting a moving truck.  -Kim

Moving into a new place is a process that we all wish we could skip. The idea of packing up all your belongings into cardboard boxes and hauling heavy furniture up three flights of stairs is daunting, and the effort is made only slightly easier by renting a moving truck. If you can afford to hire movers you’ll minimize the effort needed, but many people prefer to save the money, rent a truck and do it themselves. Planning ahead when renting a truck will help minimize costs and make your move easier. Here are a few things to consider when renting a moving truck.

Size: Since many moving truck rental companies charge by the mile, you should plan to make as few trips as possible if you’re moving a short distance. Rent a truck with enough space to fit all of your belongings to minimize your overall cost. For long distance moves, getting the right truck size is essential since you won’t have the option to go back for a second load.

Distance: Mileage is a major factor in the cost of your moving truck rental, so make sure to budget for the total distance cost as well as gasoline. Remember that most rental companies will charge a fee if you don’t return the truck with a full tank. Also, make sure to ask about whether the day of the week affects the rental price; some companies will offer a deal during slow periods, which can help offset the higher cost of a long-distance move.

Cost: Renting a moving truck will probably be your largest, and possibly only major expense, so take the time to shop around. Make sure to get an appropriately sized truck so you don’t pay for space you don’t need or for extra trips across town. You can also reduce costs by having your belongings and furniture packed and ready to be loaded before you rent the truck. Truck rental fees are often based on time and mileage, so preparing your belongings ahead of time can prevent extra charges for keeping the truck too long.

Insurance: The moving truck rental company will probably offer temporary insurance for the vehicle and your belongings in case of damage or theft, but make sure to compare this with coverage offered by your auto insurance provider. Call your agent and request insurance quotes on a rental vehicle, and compare auto insurance reviews to make sure you get good protection at an affordable price.

Finding the right rental truck and preparing for your move ahead of time can make the moving process quick and painless. If you follow this guide, you’ll be unpacking your belongings in a new house or apartment before you know it.

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