Baby Sleep

Baby & Child Sleep Specialist Q&A

by Jennie November 17, 2015

Baby Sleep

You all met Kate, our sleep specialist, and we asked you to send in your sleep questions for her. We all want and need more sleep as a mom so you asked and Kate answered! For additional information on your sleep needs and questions you can visit Kate’s website!  Question: My son, a couple weeks […]

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Sleep Specialist on Baby Sleep

by Jennie November 3, 2015

baby sleep

I get SO many questions from readers about baby sleep! Of course this is such a hot topic… without having good sleep routines in place with our kiddos, us mamas bear the brunt of walking around like zombies!! I am a firm believer in teaching your kids to sleep, but I also think there are […]


How Important Our Sleep Is with a GIVEAWAY

by Jennie May 23, 2013

Kim and I always talk about how important we think sleep is. I can see a MAJOR change in my kids and myself when we don’t get enough sleep!! It is SO hard as a mom to get proper sleep because we are up late getting our chores finished, up through the night with the […]


Crib Climber Solution

by Jennie November 29, 2012

how to keep your kids from climbing out

OMG! That is ALL I have to say about this ingenious creation! I was definitely one of the those moms that waited as LONG as I could to change Cody over from a crib to a big boy bed. In my opinion, why let them out of their cage crib until you have to?! lol!! […]


Another Reason to Use a Nanny Referral Agency (very scary article!)

by Jennie December 22, 2011

nanny referral

I talked about how I went through an agency to hire my cuddler (which I only used one night because Grayson proved to be a much better sleeper than Cody!). Yes, I could have went through an online site and done the background check myself, but after doing a lot of investigation, I realized using […]


Surviving the First Year With Your Baby

by Jennie December 10, 2011

Surviving Baby

Today’s post is for all those Mommies-to-be out there who are busy collecting all that baby gear, waiting for the arrival of your little one! We want to try to help by sharing with you a list of our favorite MUST NEED baby items that we couldn’t live without! This list is different for everyone but […]


Early Bird Nightmares: Coping With Kids and Daylight SavingsTime

by Jennie November 2, 2011

Back before you were a parent, the end of daylight savings was a welcome relief to pitch black mornings. An extra hour of sleep is more valuable than gold, especially post parenthood. Enter Sweet Bundle of Joy who doesn’t share your affinity of snoozing and also has a set, circadian rhythm that doesn’t magically readjust […]


The Down And Dirty Truth About Having A Newborn Baby

by Jennie September 27, 2011

daddy and baby

We are SOOO excited to have a guest post from a  DADDY’S perspective!! I think you will find his post funny and SO very true! This would be a great one to share with the hubs :) Becoming a new parent is one of the most exhilarating and apprehensive times that any of us will […]

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You Wrap Him Up Like A Mummy???!!! Miracle Blanket Review and Giveaway!!

by Jennie September 19, 2011

miracle blanket

I got this A LOT with Cody…. We swaddled him from the minute he was born until almost 4-5 months old (I actually don’t remember exactly when we stopped) and he LOVED it. HOWEVER, a lot of my family and friends would question this “barbaric” practice called swaddling because they felt like babies should have […]


The Biology Of Sleep

by Jennie August 30, 2011

baby sleep

Since having Cody I have been a little obsessed with baby sleep. Mama needs her beauty rest and what a shock it was to my system when my beautiful little newborn didn’t share in my need for sleep at night! I did do sleep training with Cody out of sheer necessity and I know for […]


Why Use A Nanny Referral Agency?

by Jennie July 26, 2011

I talked last week about my decision to hire some help at night once the baby arrives. I was a little nervous of peoples reactions and I appreciate the positive feedback from those of you who think I am not totally crazy and I am sure reserve from those of you who think I am!!  We researched […]


It is O.K. to ask for HELP

by Jennie July 20, 2011

As I sit down to write this I KNOW that most of you will have your own take on what I have decided to do SO…. let the judgements begin!!! (lol!) When I became preggers with baby boy #2 (3 weeks away from due date btw!!), my immediate first thoughts was the LACK OF SLEEP […]