Garden Adventures

3 Things to Think about when starting a Garden

by Jennie April 5, 2017


It’s time to start planning out those outdoor gardens! If you have never planted a garden before there are many websites you can look at that will help get you started! I have blogged about my garden adventures before and I always like to learn about new ways to garden. Thanks to Zoom Online Media […]


Learning How to Garden

by Jennie July 25, 2013

This gardening season is a complete trial and error. I chose to go with an non-traditional method of gardening, called the Tower Garden. I have been SO happy with my Tower and thought I may add some raised beds for next season, however, I realized that my Tower is producing just what we need and […]


Adding to my Tower Garden

by Jennie June 20, 2013

If you have been following the blog at all you know that I took on a fun project for the spring…. my TOWER GARDEN! I wanted to start a garden for some time and after a lot of thought, I decided to garden in a less traditional method (you know I always have to try […]

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Verdict is IN…. Tower Garden it is!!!

by Jennie March 15, 2013

I blogged at the beginning of the week about choosing between starting a soil garden or a hydro/aeroponic system called the Tower Garden. I did a lot of research this week and I came to the decision that the Tower Garden is right for us! There are certainly pros and cons to both, but it […]


Wine, Books, Hockey, and Gardening OH MY!

by Jennie March 11, 2013

I dabbled in a little bit of everything this weekend. Variety is the spice of life right?! Friday night was date night. We had to cancel our last date night because Grayson was sick, but everything worked out in our favor for Friday. A friend of mine and I decided to swap babysitting every other […]

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FREE Urban Gardening Workshop

by Jennie March 7, 2013

I am starting my garden this year at the new house and I will have many more posts to come on how it all goes, but one of the first things I wanted to do was to see the Tower Garden in person. I know I will have some raised beds, but I am interested […]


An Easy, Convenient, and Affordable Way to Garden: Introducing the Tower Garden!

by Jenny Combs January 16, 2013

As I place a lot of importance of healthy eating with my family,  I just LOVE the idea of growing my own garden.  You can’t eat much more “local” than eating food that comes directly from your own backyard and you can’t get much more nutritious than fruits and veggies picked straight from the vine!  […]


Encouraging Healthy Habits Through Gardening

by Jennie June 28, 2011

Kim and I both love gardening and we talked in the past about our garden adventures! Since the move, I haven’t started a garden here, but plan to next spring. Kim has been hard at work growing and nurturing hers! We have a guest post from one of our readers about how to encourage healthy […]


Healthy Living: Garden Update!

by Jennie September 28, 2010

Hi everyone! Being that the growing season is coming to a close I wanted to do a roundup on what I learned from my very first veggie garden. I recently harvested my carrots which turned out pretty good, on the smallish side however for a first attempt I was pretty happy with them and with […]


Healthy Living: Garden Update!

by Jennie July 27, 2010

Since my last garden update things have been moving right along with all the veggies! It has been really exciting to see everything growing and I FINALLY have some red tomatoes ready to pick! I just picked these from the garden today! We’ve had great success with the zucchini, tomatoes and we have big plans […]


Container Gardening

by Jennie June 18, 2010

Hey there! Kim and I both started gardening for the first time this year. Neither of us had ANY idea what we were doing in the beginning and we continue to try and find our way :) Kim mentioned last week that she has started a garden in raised beds that her hubby built for […]