Raising Resilient Kids

by Jennie March 23, 2011

We heart Beech Acres!! Once again, another amazing workshop on Raising Resilient Kids! We have talked several times about Beech Acres and ALL the services they provide for parents, children and families. They really are such an amazing resource for parents from their conferences, parent coaches, foster program, counseling, the list goes on. One thing […]


Beech Acres Parenting Center

by Jennie February 9, 2011

We have talked before about Beech Acres Parenting Conferences and how much we LOVE them!!! We went to their first monthly workshop and wanted to share a little of what we learned. The workshop was titled, Intentional Strength-Based Parenting, which is the core of what Beech Acres is all about. It was phenomenal.  Out of […]



by Jennie January 28, 2011

We asked on our facebook page if anyone was interested in self-esteem resources for teenage girls. Several of you said YES!!! I personally think this is SO important because a lot of the mentors we have for our youth, especially girls, aren’t the greatest. Many of these “stars” that our kids worship are dangerously skinny, […]


We Both Read – Beginner Readers

by Jennie December 30, 2010

We’ve recently gotten into some fantastic books with both our boys. They both love to read, and most of the day we hear both the boys asking us to read their favorite books! If I’m getting ready in the morning, I always ask Luke to go into his room and read his books. He knows […]


Take Some Time to Play

by Jennie October 21, 2010

I am always feeling as though I am not playing enough with Cody. You know what I am saying…. the mommy guilt kicks in and although we KNOW we have all of these responsibilities that need to get done, we still feel like we are not giving our kids enough quality time! We are always […]

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Books for the Season!

by Jennie October 5, 2010

It is the time for apples…and pumpkins and hay rides! My favorite season is usually summer but for some bizarre reason I am really getting into and enjoying the new arrival of fall this year! I have put a small pumpkin display outside our house at the end of the driveway and have been itching […]


Gorman Heritage Farm

by Jennie October 1, 2010

I have talked a few times about Gorman Heritage Farm (in Cincy). They are having their annual Sunflower Festival this weekend and if you are a local, I highly recommend you take a family trip and visit!! Steve, myself and Cody went last weekend for their Great Outdoor Weekend. We had an absolute blast! They […]

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Family Fun: Books, Books & more Books!!!

by Jennie July 29, 2010

Our boys both are LOVING their books right now! It seems like some days they choose books over toys to play with! Are you as bored as I am, reading the same books over and over again?! I can recite some of those books in my sleep! If you feel like you want to spice […]


Family Fun: Name that Body Part!

by Jennie June 24, 2010

Have your toddler lay down on a large piece of paper and trace their body. Play the game of  “where’s your eyes? where’s your toes? etc.” Have fun with the drawing, get the crayons out and have them color their shirt, hair, etc. and cut it out when you’re finished! We used the large post-it […]


Family Fun- Learning on the Go

by Jennie June 17, 2010

If you’re trying to teach your child’s name to them, start early! Get a small chalk board or dry erase board and write your child’s name on it and hang it on the back of the car seat facing them! This allows you to write their name, word of the day, etc. in a place […]


Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

by Jennie April 15, 2010

Skills and Behaviors you can expect from most children at the beginning of kindergarten: Emotional Development: follow simple rules and routines, express feelings/wants/needs and concern for other’s feelings Social Development: get along with others, share, participate in group activities, and follow simple instructions Physical Development: run/jump/hop/climb, use pencils/crayons/scissors in some fashion, dress and meet toileting needs […]