Garden of Flavor Juice Cleanse

by Jennie on January 31, 2014

garden of flavor juice cleanseI have done several different cleanses over the years and my main reasons for cleansing is to detoxify my body and try to get rid of my sugar cravings!!! We all have our own personal reasons for cleansing which makes it a very individual process and your results will vary depending on YOUR body. I was very intrigued by the Garden of Flavor cleanse because it was very customizable. You can add the different juices to your daily diet, just “cut back” a meal or so a day, or consume only the juices along with water for the desired amount of time; 1-3 days.

Doing a juice cleanse like Garden of Flavor  is designed to give your body and digestive system a rest while continuing on with your daily life. Whatever you end up choosing they recommend refraining from alcohol, coffee, sodas, sugar and processed foods
and any type of artificial sweetener. Yeah, I know, kill you now right?! :) The whole idea is that it isn’t forever and it allows your body to rest and curb those cravings!!

This particular cleanse consists of six juices per day for the desired number of days you choose. They make it VERY easy for you by selling the juices in a six-pack and they number the bottles in order of ideal consumption. The flavors include Goji Pineapple, Cucumber Fresh, Mean Green, Twisted Roots, White Knight and Lemon Pepp. All of their juices are organic, raw and cold pressed, making this a GREAT alternative to juicing yourself!

My goal was the 3 day cleanse, but I ended up only getting through 1.5 days. I would suggest that you start with the one day cleanse and see how you do. After that you can make a decision on adding a few more days of cleansing at that time! I didn’t get hungry until day 2 and that is when the headaches came! That is normal on a cleanse as your body detoxes, but I couldn’t take it!!! So I wish I would have started with a smaller goal and went with the one day so I didn’t feel I like I “failed”!

My kids (yes, I let them try the juices too!) and myself loved the Goji Pineapple (fruity with a hint of ginger), Cucumber Fresh (this just tasted like a fresh glass of cucumber to me) and White Knight (this has a nutty flavor and is packed full of protein)! I make smoothies with beets so I am use to the taste, but if you aren’t accustomed to beets you might have to get use to the Twisted Roots flavor. It is a bit overpowering and very sweet, but my kids gave this one a thumbs up so I think it may just be a juice you have to acquire a taste for! I added some lemon oil to the Mean Green because it had a very strong “green” aftertaste and I feel like my lemon oil took the edge off. If you aren’t at all use to green smoothies or juicing, this one may be hard for you. You could mix some of your favorite juice with this or fresh squeezed lemons to help with the very green flavor! Lemon Pepp was good, but very spicy so my kids wouldn’t drink this one!

Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of the juices and how easy they make the cleanse for you. One thing I learned and would recommend for anyone interested in cleansing is eating clean a week or so before the start of the cleanse. I think this would make the headaches and withdrawals you experience during a cleanse much less intense. 

Here are some other cleanses I have tried. I think regardless of what you do, it is always good to give your body  a rest and detoxify that beautiful body baby!!

I would love to hear about your cleansing experiences!!!
I am always looking to try new and healthy ways to help my body!!

I was provided a Juice Cleanse for myself to try at home. However, all ideas and opinions are my own! You can read more about my Disclosure & Disclaimer Policy here. Feel free to contact me with any questions! Thanks for reading! 

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Prepare Your Food January 30, 2018 at 6:00 pm

I love the taste of the cucumber smoothie and I always bring it whenever I went to the gym. I'll definitely try out the other flavors!

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