Changing your Body Post Baby

by Jennie March 12, 2015


I talked last week about starting the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge. I am on week three and still loving it. Some days I don’t want to do it, but I have been making myself find 20 minutes to do it because I NEED IT! I have to be honest, it is hard not to be […]


Top 5 Items to Pack in your Hospital Bag

by Jennie January 5, 2015

Hospital Bag

The countdown is ON! I am officially 12 days away from my “due date”!!! Woohoo, in the home stretch. I must say that this time around, I feel like I have been pregnant FOREVER! I thought having two busy boys would make things go by quick, but that just hasn’t been the case. I have everything washed […]


Must Have Pregnancy Products

by Jennie October 23, 2014

borrow for your bump

I wanted to share some of my favorite products for pregnancy! This list has narrowed over my many pregnancies, as you realize what you REALLY need vs. what you want just because. So equip yourself to have the best pregnancy eva!  Mama Mio I absolutely LOVE this company! I have used them for every pregnancy […]

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I Have Some EXCITING News!!!!!

by Jennie August 8, 2014


I am SUPER excited to announce…….   Yup that’s right! We are expecting baby #3!!! And what’s even more exciting is that we are having a….. Another Baby BOY!!!! When Violet Bow Photography contacted me about partnering up, I just knew what pictures I wanted her to capture. I did pregnancy pics with Grayson when […]


Whisper Diaper Pail Review & Giveaway

by Jennie March 26, 2014

Whisper Diaper Pail

All of us have been there…. we walk into our house and get knocked over by the smell of a dirty diaper that we left in the garbage! YUCK! I think we have all tried the diaper pails that claim to contain the smell, but then you open up that lid and are hit with […]


What is a Lip Tie?

by Jennie November 15, 2012

Lip Tie

You are looking at it. As you read this we will be heading on a plane from Albany, NY to home. Why you ask? WELL, a few weeks ago I read an article from Ashley (an AMAZING Lactation Consultant, owner of Blue Cocoon) about Tongue Ties. I think we have all heard about this, but […]


Keepin’ those “GIRLS” from heading SOUTH!

by Jennie May 25, 2012

mama mio boob tube

I have talked in the past about how much I LOVED using Mama Mio products when I was preggers with both boys. I would buy the product at Becoming Mom Spa so I just assumed that they only had pregnancy and post-pregnancy products. Well, that is just not the case!! Mama Mio is not just a brand that focuses […]


I’m an AUNT!!!!!

by Jennie November 18, 2011

baby shower

Although I vomit out all my personal stuff on this blog, I try hard not to tell all my family and friend’s business :) I didn’t mention that my baby sis was preggers, but now that she has had the baby I wanted to share some pics with you!! I was SO excited to find […]


BODY CHANGER!! Belly Bandit Review

by Jennie October 13, 2011

Before Belly Bandit

THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN A BODY CHANGER POST PREGNANCY! I have been waiting to post this review and shout it from the roof tops!! If you read this blog you know this is my second baby so I have had something to compare this to. When I had Cody, it took me FOREVER to even […]


Sitter Circles

by Jennie October 5, 2011

Sitter Circles

We have posted in the past about how important it is to know who you are hiring for your kids. I LOVE the idea of using a nanny referral agency because someone else is doing the hard work for you and then you can choose, from selected candidates, who you prefer. There is another option […]


Undercover Mama Review and Giveaway

by Jennie October 3, 2011

Undercover Mama Nursing Tank

I really thought I had everything I needed when I got pregnant this time around. I have the “stuff”… swing, bouncer, crib and so on. I was happy that I didn’t have to go through that “how many blankets and burp cloths do I really need” craziness like you do with the first and although […]


Don’t Nip It or Suck It, Simply Mother Tuck-It! Mother Tucker Nursing Tank Review

by Jennie September 29, 2011

Mother Tucker Nursing Tank

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with the company Belly Bandit for some of my post pregnancy needs. Not only do I LOVE the product, but the company itself has been great to work with. The tank I initially received was a little to snug on top and the company was so nice […]

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