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MUST Read Article on Car Safety

by Jennie July 9, 2010

Thank you so much to mama, Holly, for passing this along to us. As I read this in tears, I thought to myself that this could happen to anyone!!!! We are so busy with the hustle and bustle of life that we put ourselves on auto pilot. I remember years ago (before Cody) leaving my […]


Are you going POTTY?!

by Jennie May 28, 2010

While our boys are just nearing the 18 month stage we are not quite ready to embarq on the intense journey of potty training, BUT we are definately trying to prepare for it! Are you ever ready for this stage?? We have been looking into potty training seats and have heard rumors that some are […]


Pampers Dry Max

by Jennie May 15, 2010

We are aware of the issues some people are having with the New Pampers Dry Max diapers. While no one we know is having any problems we would urge you to contact their hotline if you have any concerns. You can contact them directly with any product inquires or general questions through email or alternatively you […]


Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

by Jennie April 15, 2010

Skills and Behaviors you can expect from most children at the beginning of kindergarten: Emotional Development: follow simple rules and routines, express feelings/wants/needs and concern for other’s feelings Social Development: get along with others, share, participate in group activities, and follow simple instructions Physical Development: run/jump/hop/climb, use pencils/crayons/scissors in some fashion, dress and meet toileting needs […]