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Running Errands with 2 Kiddos Made EASY Peasy

by Jennie September 17, 2012

errand with two

I am always on the go! I really can’t sit still so I was REALLY worried that I wouldn’t be able to run around as much with the birth of my second. I did stay close to home for a few weeks, but Grayson was just a few weeks old when I decided to take […]


Cody’s FIRST day of Preschool/ Back to School Ideas

by Jennie September 5, 2012

first day of preschool

I have been working towards this day for almost a year now, trying to get Cody bear ready for the transition. I know, it seems crazy to work towards something like this for so long, but with his personality, it seemed like slow and steady wins the race!   Yesterday was the FIRST day of […]


Preschool Jitters

by Jennie July 31, 2012

I have been blogging the last few months on how my first born, Cody bear, has transformed from a baby to a big boy. Being a SAHM, I have had all the control in raising him and thinking of preschool a year ago made me physically ill. I am a control freak and to think of […]


Cody’s Big Boy Bed!!!

by Jennie May 29, 2012

cody's loft bed

I have been talking a lot about all the transitions we have made with Cody over the last 3 years. Change is always hard because I am a creature of habit! With that being said, parenting is tough for me because you can never get too comfortable in one spot….things with kids are always changing […]


Baby to Big Boy: The Little Gym

by Jennie May 23, 2012

The Little Gym

I have been talking over the last few weeks about Cody’s transformation from baby to big boy. The last post was about potty training and our latest potty progress is that he can stand at the big potty to pee so bye- bye little potty!! He has also been practicing wiping himself since some mamas at TLG told me […]


Transforming from Baby to Big Boy: Potty Training

by Jennie May 7, 2012

travel potty

As I described in my last transforming from baby to big boy post, Cody was not always an easy baby! Those first two years, he was very needy. He clung to my leg and did not want me out of his sight! Things started to change when I found out I was pregnant. I think […]

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Transforming from baby to big boy: Crying, Crying and more Crying

by Jennie May 1, 2012

We tried so hard for Cody and once he was finally here, all we could imagine was holding our little precious bundle in our arms. Well, it didn’t go exactly as we had envisioned! You couldn’t just hold Cody in the beginning. You had to bounce him and bounce him and bounce him some more. […]


Transforming from Baby to Big Boy

by Jennie April 27, 2012

I wanted to take some time over the next few weeks to write some posts about my first born, aka big brother! The transformation that he (and all kids) make over the first three years of life is just phenomenal. I think that with the hustle and bustle of life and with the day in […]

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Going to the Dentist

by Jennie March 14, 2012

pediatric dental appointment

There are so many things you have to do as a parent and one of those things is taking them to the dentist! I remember taking my dog to the vet and being told she was overweight…. I felt like the vet was looking at me like “what a bad mom you are”! With that […]


Why Don’t Friends With Kids Have Time?

by Jennie March 8, 2012

frazzled mom

I saw this AMAZING article and I am sure most of you have read it, but I suggest reading it AGAIN! It is hilarious and OH SO TRUE! It was a newspaper column and here was the question: Carolyn: Best friend has child. Her: exhausted, busy, no time for self, no time for me, etc. […]


Clean Up Those Toys

by Jennie December 27, 2011

clean up

I feel like I am always saying “it’s time to clean up those toys”!  I feel really strongly about teaching my kids that it is important to clean up after themselves and although I can’t expect Cody to clean like I would, I can expect him to put his toys away after he uses them. […]


Another Reason to Use a Nanny Referral Agency (very scary article!)

by Jennie December 22, 2011

nanny referral

I talked about how I went through an agency to hire my cuddler (which I only used one night because Grayson proved to be a much better sleeper than Cody!). Yes, I could have went through an online site and done the background check myself, but after doing a lot of investigation, I realized using […]