Baby Sleep

Our Sleep Specialist Has Weighed In: The Importance of Naps!

by Jennie September 3, 2010

Thanks to Kathy C. of Dreamy Babies for our next sleep series article! The Importance of Naps!! Naps are extremely important for overall sleep. Short, disrupted or lack of day sleep will affect night sleep because your child will be overtired, making it extremely difficult for him to fall and stay asleep. When children are kept up […]

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Sleep Regressions – What They Are and How to Deal

by Jennie August 13, 2010

We all know that baby sleep can be a “hot button issue” for moms. We all have our own opinions on what the best method or way to get your child to sleep. Kim and I both know the importance of baby sleep (we see the difference in our boys when they have had a […]