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Struggling with Infertility?

by Jennie April 25, 2017

egg donation room

This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I have shared my personal struggle with getting pregnant on the blog in a 2 part series. If you haven’t read Part 1 or Part 2 and are struggling to conceive or know someone who is struggling, please share it! One of the […]

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Baby Bodyguards- Keeping Kids Safe at Home

by Jennie November 12, 2015

baby bodyguards

I was super excited when Baby Bodyguards contacted me and asked to work together. Although this is my third baby, I have felt more unsafe this time around than with the other two. My issue is that my boys are older now and are doing things that Cody wasn’t doing when I had Grayson as […]


Sleep Specialist on Baby Sleep

by Jennie November 3, 2015

baby sleep

I get SO many questions from readers about baby sleep! Of course this is such a hot topic… without having good sleep routines in place with our kiddos, us mamas bear the brunt of walking around like zombies!! I am a firm believer in teaching your kids to sleep, but I also think there are […]


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Liberty Location

by Jennie September 16, 2015

Children's Hospital Liberty Center

I had the opportunity to tour the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Liberty Location after some major updates, improvements and changes that have been done over the last year. I love that we live one street away from this amazing facility. I jumped at the chance to check out all of the changes.  The Liberty Campus opened […]

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NEW Chicco Kidfit Booster

by Jennie May 15, 2015

chicco booster seat

61% of car crashes occur less than 10 minutes from home! That is a high statistic and for those of us with children riding in the car, it’s a great reminder to be more diligent about car seat safety guidelines, specifically as it relates to booster seat safety. Cody turned 6 in February and I still […]

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Top 5 Items to Pack in your Hospital Bag

by Jennie January 5, 2015

Hospital Bag

The countdown is ON! I am officially 12 days away from my “due date”!!! Woohoo, in the home stretch. I must say that this time around, I feel like I have been pregnant FOREVER! I thought having two busy boys would make things go by quick, but that just hasn’t been the case. I have everything washed […]


Beech Acres Parent Coaching

by Jennie November 27, 2014

beech acres Vision chart

I have talked many times in the past about the awesome Beech Acres Parenting Center classes I have attended. I have received so much great information from these classes that I have used to parent my boys. I LOVE what they teach and how they explain it to the every day parent!  They teach off […]


Get Your Kids Out the Door for School Without the Yelling

by Jennie November 6, 2014

picture checklist

This is my first child in Kindergarten so it was an adjustment to say the least. Gone are the days we can all go out for the day at the Zoo or an outing without having to be anywhere. Thankfully, our bus pickup ended up being afternoon Kindy for us… I am happy to put […]


6 Back to School Ideas

by Jennie August 18, 2014

back to school ideas

I feel like everyone else is just getting started with gearing up for heading back to school, but we started last week so I thought I would share some tips and tricks I learned while prepping my Code Man for Kindergarten! Read Books about school! I searched for some books about Kindergarten (I am sure […]


Sex Education Workshop for Parents: How to talk to your kids from a young age

by Jennie January 17, 2014

I am SO excited to announce this upcoming series of classes!! I wrote about my struggles trying to  figure out how to explain body parts to Cody. I love that a professional is taking the bull by the horns and offering sex education classes tailored specifically for parents!!! You can see below for all the […]


Today I ate a Rainbow Food Chart with a Giveaway

by Jennie September 9, 2013

I was SO thrilled when I came across the Today I ate a Rainbow food chart for kids. With the Baby and Toddler Food Workshops we do, we are always asked how to feed picky kids and how to get a variety of fruits and veggies in their kids diet. I feel like the Today […]


The Importance of Kids Eye Exams

by Jennie February 19, 2013

Our eyes are SUPER important and just like the rest of our body, we need to take care of them! I got Cody’s eyes checked for FREE before he turned a year with the InfantSEE eye program. He had a clean bill of eye health at that point. At 3, our pediatrician did an eye […]