DIY Cleaners

Aromatherapy Naturals: Green Cleaning Products

by Jennie March 31, 2014

Aromatherapy Naturals

I have blogged in the past about different DIY cleaners and body products that I have made in the past and using my essential oils makes me confident that they have REAL cleaning power! I love finding new DIY “recipes” to try, but there are days when I just don’t have the time to make […]

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DIY Hand Sanitizer

by Jennie February 3, 2014

I have been on a mission for years to cut back the chemicals I use in our food and products. We are so busy with LIFE that hand sanitizers have become our way to keep our hands clean! I hate to admit this, but I would rather use the hand sanitizer on the kids hands […]


Make Your Own Soft Scrub

by Jennie September 21, 2010

I talked about in a recent post that as my cleaners run out I am going to start making my own. I have been buying “natural” cleaners for years now. I have tried shaklee, method, seventh generation and melaleuca products. All of them work wonderfully and I have been worried that what I make myself […]


Disinfectants: Is There An Alternative?

by Jennie September 7, 2010

Melaleuca essentail oil

We have been trying to buy cleaning products that aren’t harsh for us or the environment. As I run out of my cleaning products I am going to try and make my own! I have been wanting to do this for a while, but I was always worried about them not really cleaning. I am […]