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DIY Whole Body Sugar Scrub

by Jennie January 6, 2014

My skin seems to get insanely dry in the winter and although my Whipped Body Butter is SUPER moisturizing, I need a little something extra :) I decided to make my own body scrub since it helps with two areas: exfoliates dead skin and adds extra moisture to the skin!! It is super easy and […]


DIY Whipped Body Butter

by Jennie December 5, 2013

I love that I can use my essential oils to make DIY bath, body and cleaning products!! How scary is it to look at the ingredients list on any products we buy in the store and not know how to pronounce the words or what those chemicals actually do to our bodies! I like checking […]


Homemade Deodorant SAVES Money!

by Jennie March 12, 2012

homemade deodorant

I recently posted about how I was given some homemade deodorant and how much I LOVED it! I loved it SO much that I just ran out and decided to make some more :) Luckily, there is only a few ingredients so I had everything I needed in the kitchen! I have made several things […]


Homemade Body Scrub

by Jennie May 27, 2011

We have posted several times about making your own beauty products, but I actually haven’t made any of them yet. For mother’s day, Whole Foods, was hosting an event for the mamas and they had you make your own body scrub. I used it and it was amazing!!! Even Steve uses it! Now that I […]

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DIY Beauty Products

by Jennie November 3, 2010

I LOVE DIY anything so when mama Jenny emailed us this article I couldn’t wait to share! We have done one post so far on using products from your kitchen to make yourself beautiful (!) and we will continue to bring them to you as we find them. Not only is it good on your […]