Guest Post: 4 Ways to Reduce Calorie Intake Without Going Hungry

by Jennie on February 9, 2018

I thought this was a great guest post since many of us have our New Year’s Resolutions tied to getting healthier and with that comes making better food choices. I have tried MANY, MANY different “diets”, but I think it boils down to just eating good whole foods, exercising and sticking with it… which is the HARDEST part!!! The struggle of balance is REAL my friends! 

This guest post focuses on cutting calories and how to do that without getting HANGRY! I would love to hear what you are doing to get yourself healthy this year… not just with food, but maybe mediation, yoga or any other way you are feeding your soul! Thanks for reading! 

Cutting calories is more than a little daunting, in no small part because you worry about experiencing hunger pangs throughout the day or suffering from flagging energy and fatigue. It’s true that you might have those side effects if you just stop eating as much without paying attention to what you ingest. As long as you eat nutritious foods that fill up your stomach, you can decrease your calorie intake without giving up satiety. 

Consume Foods that Encourage Satiation

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Eating foods that are high in satiation will fulfill your appetite without drowning you in calories. Fiber is both filling and healthy, so introducing high-fiber fruits and veggies into your diet should combat your feelings of hunger. Apples may not keep the doctor away, but they will keep the hunger pangs at bay. Chomp on beans, broccoli, peas, and spinach. Tomatoes and watermelon are ideal as well, because they’re water-rich fruits. Dairy products also satisfy your appetite, but it’s essential to stock your fridge with fat-free or low-fat options. Soups made with low-sodium broths fill up your tummy, too.

Eat More Often

Once upon a time, eating three square meals a day was a practical choice. These days, everyone’s so busy that it’s hard to carve out time for scheduled meals; this situation leads to disordered eating. Have you ever scarfed down dinner at 9 o’clock at night, just to get something in your stomach? Eating that late isn’t healthy, so it doesn’t matter that you’re getting square meals.

Over the last decade or so, an increasing number of people have realized the value of eating several small meals throughout the day. Grazing keeps you satiated all day long. Your energy doesn’t flag, and your stomach won’t annoy you by growling around mealtimes. The trick is to limit yourself to healthful fare. Potato chips and bologna sandwiches don’t count.

Track Your Meals

Recording everything you consume might seem tedious, but it’s a lifesaver. Using an app like the Lifesum diet tracker holds you accountable for what you put in your mouth. It also reveals whether you’re taking in quality calories or empty ones. You can easily eat your daily caloric intake without realizing it with one frozen dinner. Once you see the numbers in front of you, they’re unmistakable. You can see precisely which foods sabotage your health goals.

Check Your Thirst


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What you drink affects your calorie intake. Sometimes that craving you feel is just thirst masquerading as hunger. The next time you feel hungry even though it’s not time to eat, drink a glass of water instead. Coffee and green tea are both low-calorie appetite suppressants, but you can’t add a bunch of milk and sugar. You need to watch your consumption of sugary sodas, sweet teas, and alcoholic drinks, too. Alcohol is especially sneaky—it’s all empty calories.

Do you know how many calories you take in each day? Have you ever thought about where they come from and how they affect your energy and health? You don’t have to eat less to cut calories. You just have to change your habits and make healthy choices.

This is a sponsored guest post. Lyndsie Robinson is a 10-year veteran of the writing world, an insatiable reader, and a fitness newbie who sometimes forgoes the gym to eat chocolate! My kinda girl! All thoughts and opinions are that of the author. Thanks for reading! 

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