Groupon Coupons make it easy to SAVE MONEY Online

by Jennie on January 31, 2017

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Groupon Coupons

You all know I am pretty cheap and like the free and deals as much as I can find them. With that being said I am not a huge couponer. I have never been one to sit down and cut coupons for the store. However, now we live in the digital age so I can quickly go online and search for online coupons in a few seconds and I have gotten some great savings that way! 

Recently, I discovered that Groupon (who we all know and LOVE!) has COUPONS! Yup, that’s right it’s Groupon Coupons! When you first get on the site, you can see the top coupons and offers so you can see what is the most popular for the day. You can also browse by store and even just plug-in your store in the search bar to see if there are any savings. I had been looking at some sporting equipment for Cody and when I typed in Dick’s Sporting Goods I found 8 coupons! I also like that I can search for all the local deals that are close to me. 

I love that Groupon Coupons  is easy, free and FAST! I don’t have to spend hours cutting coupons :) Have any of you tried Groupon Coupons before?? What do you love about it? 

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EatSleepCoupon April 6, 2017 at 10:03 pm

Any of your readers looking to start saving with coupons can check out our free beginners guide to coupons here.


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