Healthy Recipes & Fitness in a Busy Mom’s Schedule

by Paula Miller on December 14, 2015

mom and baby 1Are you a busy mom? Ever wonder how to get healthy while juggling your time, kids, and other commitments? Need quick and easy recipes?

So often these are our goals, but time holds us back. But what if I told you it IS doable? Just a few tweaks and you can have easy, simple meals on the table for your family AND get healthy and fit at the same time!

If it’s important. . .

So I know what it’s like to crave sleep, a shower, and even time alone in the bathroom! As a homeschooling mom of five (with another on the way), life sometimes has a way of seeming so busy you can’t even brush your teeth let alone squeeze in time for fitness.

But as a health food blogger and fitness coach, I also know that what ‘seems’ to be the case, often means just a little tweaking and rearranging.

Stop for a minute and think about how you spend your time each day.

Do you take the time to read your Bible every day? Do you make sure you have time to watch your favorite shows each week? Do you find yourself scrolling Facebook or Pinterest. . .for a LOT longer than intended. . .

social media on phoneSome of these are needed parts of your day, while others are a little more preference-based. But if you truly want to feel better and become healthier, have more energy for your family, and become fit and feel good when you look in the mirror – it takes a bit of tweaking and commitment.

Someone once said, “if it’s important to you, you’ll make the time.” And taking care of yourself for your family IS important.

Fitting fitness into a busy life

So how do you fit exercise and fitness into an already busy schedule? Here are some of my favorite tips:

  1. Find a workout program you can do at home that delivers a punch in a short amount of time. You don’t need to get a gym membership, workout for an hour at a time, or run five miles through wind, snow, and hail – workout in the comfort of your home. One of my favorites is 10-Minute Trainer. Each workout is just 10 minutes long. ANYONE can fit 10 minutes in!
  2. Workout in your bathroom. I know, sounds crazy, but the idea is simple. Every time you go to the bathroom, do a few reps of any exercise before you leave. It might be 25 calf raises, 15 squats, or even 30 jumping jacks. The average person goes to the bathroom 7-10 times a day (more if you’re making sure to drink plenty of water ;)), so you could be fitting in 150 squats a day!
  3. When the weather is nice, ditch Facebook/your phone/T.V. and take your kids on a walk. Even if you walk around the block and collect fall leaves, count how many robins you see, or have a heart-to heart chat you’re not only exercising your legs – you’re building a relationship and memories that will last.
  4. Join an accountability group. Find other mom’s like yourself whose goal is to get healthy and fit. Checking in with a support group is a great way to make it fun while getting results at the same time.

Fitting healthy meals into a busy life

So many times we think that eating healthy is expensive and time consuming. But really, it’s just finding simple recipes with healthy ingredients. Check out some of these recipes and plug them into your meal plans. Not only will your body thank you, but so will your family!

Grain-Free Egg BakeGrain-Free Egg Bake

#Soaked, baked oatmeal for a great way to wake up! - WholeIntentions.comBaked Oatmeal

Simply-Amazing-Gluten-Free-Banana-BreadGluten-Free Banana Bread

0361Gluten-Free Quinoa Bites

main-1024x681Gluten-Free Corn Dog Muffin Bites

Baked-Chicken-Chunks-New-Wmk-e1370893595868Easy Baked Chicken NuggetsOne-Dish Hamburger Cabbage CasseroleHamburger Cabbage Casserole

sloppy-joes-pinnableWhole Food Sloppy Joes

Four Ingredients! #GlutenFree casserole with sausage & potatoes from & Potato Casserole

mexican-lasagnaWhole Food Mexican Lasagna

Season Tomato Basil SaladTomato Basil Salad

Avocado-Ice-CeamAvocado Ice Cream

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HidupLebihFit January 29, 2016 at 10:34 am

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I think quinoa is my next try.

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