Grayson’s Show Day at The Little Gym Mason

by Jennie on January 29, 2015

I decided to “hold” Grayson back from preschool this year because of his birthday being in August. I only want him to have two years of preschool and with the baby coming and Cody starting Kindy I figured we had enough change going on. I have been so happy with my decision, but I still wanted him to have some structure and socialization outside of playdates and hanging out casually with friends.  I knew we needed to get him involved with The Little Gym Mason again and allow him to have his own extracurricular to take part in. 

The Little Gym Mason

The Little Gym Mason

I have gushed in the past over all the wonderful things that they have done for my kids and one thing I LOVE that they do is a little graduation at the end of the semester. They get to show off all of the things they have learned to family and friends in a special class and they get to accept a medal at the end. Grayson has watched Cody at so many school and extracurricular functions that I love this is something just for him that he can be proud of. He was a bit nervous with all the people there that day, but he did a great job and was SO full of pride to show us his medal at the end. 

The Little Gym Mason

Thanks to The Little Gym Mason for another wonderful semester and for instilling such great values in my boys! 

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