The Little Gym talks about ADHD

by Jennie on May 5, 2014

My boys have learned a lot from The Little Gym Mason. Confidence building, learning to follow directions, being patient and waiting their turn, letters, numbers and colors. They have also learned sign language, how to play well with other kids and transition away from mama in the big boy classes :)

The Little Gym Mason

Not only does The Little Gym Mason take great care of their kids, but they look out for the parents too! Mr. Kevin writes on The Little Gym Mason blog and I just had to share his blog about ADHD. As parents we are faced with a lot of tough truths about our kids and ourselves. Life isn’t always easy, but Mr. Kevin uplifts parents of children with ADHD and shows that if your child or you is struggling with this diagnosis that you can turn it into a positive! I have included some of his post below as to why he decided to share his story:

The first is to relieve you. A few years ago a parent came up to me, clearly in distress, and said her child had been diagnosed with ADHD. She was in shock. I told her ADHD for me isn’t a negative, but a huge positive. For starters, I have more energy than most. And my energy isn’t coffee driven. I also think differently. In high school, a math teacher gave us a test, and he failed me. I asked, “Why?” and he said, “You didn’t come to the answer the way I told you to.” That is just a small example of how I often see the other side. I think of ideas ALL the time, some are great, others not so much. My friends love me because I am unpredictable and can make a whole room laugh when I interject something that was nowhere on the radar. This works to my advantage when I manage a great team at The Little Gym. They never know when I might crack a joke, get super focused on a project, or ask for perfection. The mother who was worried about her child’s recent diagnosis was most relived when she learned I had a wife I love, two great kids, and a successful business.
The second reason I am sharing my story with you, is to make sure everyone knows ADHD is not a made-up term, or an excuse for a child that doesn’t “listen.” If I did NOT have ADHD my life would be easier in many ways. I have to be highly organized to succeed, but thank the Lord I have my wife, or this wouldn’t always happen. School was not easy. Though my test scores in some areas were great, and some subjects were a breeze, others took extreme focus, and then tutors. I’ve had bosses in the past that did not “get” how I operated. They told me to be more like them, and less like me. It’s back to the math teacher; I still achieved goals and results, just not how they wanted me to. Social situations can be difficult. Making eye contact, remembering names, staying engaged, staying interested, interrupting, all come with the territory of someone with ADHD. Finally, medication is not a bad thing. It’s not always the right move, but please don’t avoid exploring it, or refusing to utilize it. It’s very challenging for someone without ADHD to be able to rationalize how it could help someone with ADHD. You may not fully be able to understand it, but I encourage you not to ignore it. If you know someone with ADHD, I hope you embrace them, and look closely for their unique ways of viewing things, and know they aren’t making excuses for it, or defending it, it is just who they are.
Read the full post here.
I love the support that he is offering for parents on this topic and how open he was with sharing his struggles so publicly. Thanks Mr. Kevin and thanks to The Little Gym Mason! 


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