Sponsored Video: Rice Krispies are easy for kids to digest!

by Jennie on October 9, 2013

Some things, like how the baby ended up in your belly, are hard for kids to digest. But Rice Krispies® cereal is easy to digest. That’s because it’s made of rice, which moms know is gentle on little tummies.

Every morning when I’m trying to get out the door Luke watches me put make up on…and he always stops to look at me putting Mascara on and wonders what on earth I’m putting on my eyelashes and WHY. It cracks me up and sometimes I wonder the same thing! He stops and stares while I carefully take the wand out and coat my eyelashes in black stuff. Try explaining that to your 4-year old! 

Some things are hard for kids to digest, but not Rice Krispies! It is made of a simple toasted grain of rice and I love how easy it is to add tasty toppings! It is a classic that is great for kids! Our favorite way to eat Rice Krispies is with banana and strawberries but I love all the yummy desserts made with Rice Krispies too – there’s nothing like a good ole’ fashion Rice Krispie bar! We have not tried any of the “flavored” Rice Krispie cereal because we love the original flavor so much,  but I love that they offer a gluten free variety!

How cute are these Surprise Pumpkin Treats! These would be great for a fun treat for the kids! 


Tell us what’s hard for your kids to digest!! What’s your favorite recipe using Rice Krispies? 

**This post is sponsored by Kellog’s but all opinions are my own.

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