Getting Organized on ALL your Mobile Devices

by Jennie on June 28, 2013

Being Type A, OCD and a pretty organized person I make LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of lists! I make lists of my lists and have been noticing more and more that I have a little on my computer, a little on my Ipad and a little on my phone and I just needed a way to have them all in once place, since my ultimate goal is to stay as organized I can in a house full of chaos! Ways that I organize our paperwork, school docs, toys etc. is ever evolving and changing with our current lifestyle and needs, but one thing that will stay the same is my NEED for lists!

Evernote logo

I have found something that I am sure a lot of you use and if not, you have heard of it. It is called Evernote. I have been somewhat using it for a while now, but I recently realized I had not been using it to its full capacity! I had a few notes I would add here and there, but I did not have it organized, nor did I realize what I could really do with it!

  • You can download Evernote to ALL of your devices so everything you store in Evernote will be in EVERYwhere! I currently have it on my phone, Ipad and both computers!
  • Use the Web Clipper to save data you want to access for later on the web! I LOVE this!
  • You can make a note using the voice recognition so if you are quick on time you will love this feature!
  • You can add images from your computer OR take a picture and add it to a note. I like to do this if I am at reading a magazine and I want to save an article I like, but don’t want to keep the entire magazine! I have even done this at doctor offices when I can’t take the magazine home with me! :)
  • You can set reminders on any note or to do list and can even choose to have the reminder emailed to you! I haven’t used this yet, but seems like it would come in handy!

This just scratches the surface with Evernote. They have some great You Tube “how to” videos or you can check out their video library if you have some time and want to learn more! What I love most about it is that I can access my notes, IN ONE PLACE, on any device! It doesn’t get much easier than that!! So far, I have been using my Cozi calendar that syncs our family calendar on all of our mobile devices for easy access and Evernote for all my notes. My next venture is for a great Grocery/ Recipe app that I can keep on all my devices. Any recommendations?? I know Evernote had a food app, but from what I have seen it isn’t exactly what I am looking for. Have you ever used Evernote or Cozi? Are you liking them as much as I am?? What are your favorite features??




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