A Touching Testimonial on Juice Plus+! Two Moms’ Personal Experiences

by Jenny Combs on March 13, 2013


Over the past few months, I’ve been sharing information with all of you about Juice Plus+.  I just realized that I’d never really explained why I am such a fan. Sorry about that!    So, today,  I’d like to share some info on my family’s Juice Plus+ experience, but first I’d like to share a heart touching testimonial from a wonderful friend of mine.   This momma has been beautifully handling  the challenges that present themselves when a child is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and another with Ashtma.   Hearing her  remarkable story makes me so happy and thankful to know that Juice Plus is actually making a difference in the lives of ones that I love and care about (:   Enjoy!

jp heart

My friends story:  “I started my 2.5 year old daughter on Juice Plus because she was the kid who caught everything! And everything she caught went from normal virus or cold to major secondary illness like ear infections or pneumonia. After several rounds of antibiotics, tubes in her ears, countless trips to the pediatrician, 2 trips to the ER and one overnight at Children’s, they put her on 5 different medications for breathing issues. The pediatricians referred me to asthma/allergy specialists and they determined that she has Reactive Airway (aka: asthma).

That was when I started her on JP+. Within 1 month, I could tell a difference in her overall well-being. She seemed healthier…happier. Her eyes and skin seemed brighter. I was able to start weaning her down off the over the counter allergy meds (with guidance from her allergy doctor), then 1 of the prescription meds. She held her own. She caught a cold or 2, but that’s all it was…a cold! Like everyone else! She didn’t get an ear infection or pneumonia. She only required breathing treatments 1X/day while she had the cold (as opposed to every 4 hours like before).

Today, after being on JP+ for 4 months, she has had no missed school days, no sick doctor visits! This compared to seeing our pediatrician about every week, sometimes 2X/week before JP+!!! The transformation has been astounding! She now only gets her inhaler in the morning and night and breathing treatments with a cold. 1 daily med (vs. 5) and 1 PRN.

My whole family is now on the product and I can say that my other 2 children are experiencing the same benefits! My 1.5 year old has not been on an antibiotic or had a sick day since starting it! She has had colds/coughs, but that’s it. NOthing more! My 7 year old son, who is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, has been healthier this winter than he has been his entire life! This is HUGE in our attempt to manage his diabetes care. Less illnesses mean less complications from diabetes!

I cannot explain in words how amazing this product has been for our physical and emotional health as a family! No more fights about who has to take off work because another kid is sick…no more stressful nights laying next to my daughter’s bed listening to her struggle to breathe….no more fear of public places during flu season…no more anxiety about whether or not my kids are getting all of their fruits and veggies everyday!
We are JP+ for life!:) ”

Such a powerful story!!   It’s gonna hard to follow that up but here is a little bit on my family’s Juice Plus journey (:

My family has now been taking Juice Plus for 9 months.  At the time we got started, we were not looking to “solve” any health issues per se, I was more excited about finding an easy and convenient way to get even more fruits and veggies in our diet.   I looked at Juice Plus as a way to bridge the gap between what we should eat (7-13 servings of fruits and veggies everyday) and what we were actually able to eat.   I knew that the antioxidants and phyonutrients that were in Juice Plus were certainly powerful in regards to optimal health so I looked at Juice Plus as an insurance policy for my family.  If it could potentially boost our immunity so we’d be getting sick less often then GREAT!  Even more, if it could potentially help prevent any one of us from developing cancer or heart disease somewhere down the road, AMAZING!   I was super excited to have been introduced to this amazing nutritional resource.


So how has our experience unfolded??  In terms of the kiddos, my girls LOVE the gummies, I mean LOVE!   I honestly have to keep the bag out of their reach or they’d eat them by the handful (I learned this the hard way (:  however, the good news is that because Juice Plus is micro-nutrition from food, I did not have to worry about an overdoes – whew!).   The main thing I have noticed with the girls is that they have not been sick since we started Juice Plus.  Yes, we all get the common cold, but the duration is much shorter and symptoms less severe than before.  You know all that nasty crud that was going around this winter??  I think everyone I knew was sick at some point.  Well, not one of us got the flu this year – Wahooooo!!  I’ll take it (:    I have also noticed that Emma is actually eating more fruits and vegetables since we’ve started Juice Plus, unfortunately with Tessa that is still often times a struggle (but she is the child who occasionally decides she doesn’t like pizza.  Strange right?  I think she sometimes just likes to think she’s in charge (: )

emmagummy          tessagummies     our stash

For me, I noticed an increase in energy (I was no longer hitting the wall at 4pm after chasing the kids around all day) and dramatically improved sleep.  I experience pregnancy induced insomnia when I was pregnant with the twins and haven’t ever had a good night sleep since and now I so thankfully am able to easily sleep though the night. (well, as long and Emma and Tessa decide to sleep though the night that is).  I didn’t have any underlying health concerns when starting Juice Plus so the energy boost and better sleep were my biggest positives.  The other interesting thing was that my dentist noticed that my gums are looking super healthy.  This is totally embarrassing to admit, but I had periodontitis a few years back so that is a HUGE deal for me.   Who doesn’t love a good report from the dentist, right??

My husband has had fantastic results with Juice Plus.  He too has  noticed more energy since the beginning and better workouts.  Even better, 4 months after we started, we realized he no longer needed his allergy medication, his allergies were no longer bothering him.  His whole life he has suffered from pretty bad allergies (Our house was like a pharmacy for Claritin-D) so this was exciting for him!  He has also seen some improvements in his cholesterol, yes please!

As you can see, while we haven’t some kind of “life changing” Juice Plus experience, we’ve definitely love the benefits we have noticed and are continuing to notice everyday.   That’s the thing,  Juice Plus does different things for different people.  I have heard stories similar to my friends experience about people who have had dramatic success with Juice Plus and MS, asthma, ADHD, etc.  I know people who  take Juice Plus simply because they like no longer getting sick. Some people see results  quickly in the first few months, sometimes it takes a individual 8 To 10 months of eating their Juice Plus consistently to start seeing an impact.

My family is definitely getting healthier and healthier the longer we have been on Juice Plus+which is why  my family too will be on Juice Plus for life (:

If you’d like more info on Juice Plus+ or the Children’s Health Study, please click here to go to my website where you can find my contact info or email me  jenniferacombs @ hotmail (dot) com.  I’d love to help your family get started on the path to great health (:

Have a great day!





Jill September 18, 2014 at 2:47 pm

What did you start her on? The chewables? The capsules? I have a child with asthma and today we found out she has pneumonia again ( 3 rd time ). Can you share exactly what you used?

uaejuiceplus November 7, 2016 at 8:46 am

Excited @uaejuiceplus. I've read almost all of the comments about juice plus and so far i still want to try the product also because i read and was convinced with your post and your cute daughter. . I have seen this website https://www.facebook.com/uaejuiceplus/ and finally it will be available here this 2017. I will definitely share my experience with it.

Juice Plus Mom December 17, 2016 at 10:57 am

I've got to say that I'm a huge fan of Juice Plus myself! During my first pregnancy I literally didn't have one day of morning sickness.
All of my friends had terrible morning sickness, but I didn't have even one day. It was amazing! I completely attribute that success to taking JuicePlus

Motherhood Support December 18, 2016 at 8:13 am

That's awesome!!!!Sent from my iPhone

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