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Healthier Options for Valentine’s Day Treats!

by Jenny Combs on February 6, 2013

Hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is only a little over a week away.  Where is 2013 going???  I’m as excited as you are to get my candy and chocolate fix on!   Red roses and yummy treats go hand in hand when we think of celebrating Valentine’s Day.     As dedicated, loving, caring mommies and wives, we definitely deserve to treat ourselves to some delicious goodies!! (Preferably, while relaxing in a hot bath or with a glass of vino)   And, it’s inevitable that the kiddos are going to home from school with a sugar high followed by a sugar crash from all that Valentine’s Day chocolate & sugar.  So, I decided to do some research on the best and worst candy and chocolate  choices for the holiday and I stumbled up some great info on on a blog called Care2 Make a Difference. She found some more healthful candy companies that boast “all natural”, “organic”, “fair trade”, and/or “sustainable” goodies.  Pretty Cool!    You can click on the  links to each company if you’d like to check out all they have to offer!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentines heart

Candy options:

The Natural Candy Store: Online purveyor of all-natural, organic, non-hydrogenated candies.

Surf Sweets: Gluten free gummy candies, made in a nut-free facility, corn syrup and GMO free, with only natural colors and flavors using organic fruit juice and sweeteners.



Surf Sweets Fruity Hearts

Glee Gum: All natural colored and flavored gum.

Sugar Coated Organics: An online retailer carrying various organic candies with no artificial flavors or colors and no corn syrup. Many of their brands are gluten free, nut free, dairy free or vegan

Chocolate Options:

Theo Chocolate: The only organic, fair trade, bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the US.

Sweet Riot: “Sweetriot sources their cacao directly in Latin America, uses recyclable, reusable packaging which features emerging artists, and only uses all-natural, healthy ingredients for sweetriot’s dark chocolate ‘peaces.’”


Extra Dark Riot Bar

Dagoba: Fair trade chocolates, syrup and cocoa powder, from a company participating in both local and worldwide humanitarian and environmental stewardship.

Endangered Species Chocolate: Fair trade, organic chocolates with a company policy to profit share 10% net by “providing grants to our 10% non-profit conservation partners and funding on-the-ground sustainable projects in areas where our cocoa is grown.”

Mama-Ganache : Fair trade, certified organic chocolates made in the USA.

Coco Zen: Fair trade chocolates in steel tins (steel is the most recyclable metal) by a company participating in 1% for the planet.

Rescue Chocolate: “From each chocolate purchased, 100% of the net profits are donated to animal rescue organizations around the country.” The company also uses biodegradable packaging and hand delivery by public transportation when possible.

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