Baby Signs Signing Saturday: Sign for Snake

by Jenny Combs on February 9, 2013

The Baby Signs Program is designed to help give parents and babies an easy way to communicate before a child actually develops the ability to use words by teaching parents and babies to use signs. There are many benefits to signing with babies: reduced frustration/tears, strengthens the parent/child bond, improves babies self-esteem and self confidence, allows babies to share their world, and stimulates intellectual development. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, studies have shown that babies who have been taught to communicate through signs actually begin speaking earlier and develop their vocabulary more quickly than children who do not use signs. Each “Signing Saturday”, I be sharing an illustrated “sign of the week” with you. For those of you already signing at home, hopefully this will expand your signing vocabulary! Or, if you have never before tried signing with your little one, I hope this will be a nice way to introduce signs slowly while gradually build a signing vocabulary.

This week the“Sign of the Week” is “Snake”! To make the sign for snake: curl first 2 fingers like fangs and slither arm forward like a snake.


If you’d like additional information on the Baby Signs Program, upcoming Baby Signs Classes, or Baby Signs Products (DVDs, books, flashcards, and more) click here or email me at .

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