How Juice Plus is supporting my BODY

by Jennie on January 24, 2013

I have been taking Juice Plus for a few months now and although I haven’t felt anything physically yet, I wanted to share some of the amazing health benefits I have learned along the way. I get periodic emails from Juice Plus with links to studies done, what is happening to my body on the inside since taking Juice Plus and other great information. I like that this company has a lot of research to back up their Whole Food product!!!!

Juice Plus

    • One study, which is the most interesting to me is bio availability. Unlike multivitamins, Juice Plus is proven to get into our bloodstream.  Once it gets into the bloodstream it helps prevent against oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress goes on in our body all the time (even from exercising!) and it is what causes disease and the aging process. Hey, this mama wants to stay looking young for as long as possible so this makes me happy :)
    • There are three studies done on immunity and the benefits that taking Juice Plus has on the immune system. Since it is a WHOLE FOOD, you can double up on the daily amount when you are sick to help your body get over the sickness more quickly.
    • Studies show that Juice Plus can protect our DNA and actually repair past damage! WOW! It is nice to know that we aren’t stuck with the DNA we are born with! We can change our DNA destiny with Juice Plus :)
    • Juice Plus also has studies done on its heart health protection and abilities to help reduce our risk of heart disease. This is so important since Heart Disease is the #1 killer in the U.S.
    • Dental health and skin health is part of the newest studies. Juice plus can contribute to healthier gums and help improve circulation and elasticity in our skin (hello, does this mean I won’t get any wrinkles :) )!
    • Here is some great info on the Juice Plus Child’s Health Study. These are pretty amazing results. The great part is that your child can get their Juice Plus for FREE :)
    • I love me some Dr. Sears and he is a HUGE supporter of JP. This is a great video in which he explains the science behind it all!

I can’t say that I am a true believer yet, as I haven’t felt anything physically happening to my body. However, there is some pretty powerful research behind this Whole Food product and it comforts me to know what is going on inside my body, even if I can’t feel it :)

If you’d like to learn more about Juice Plus+, click here. Here is the link for all the research studies.

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