Art ABC: Fine Arts, Alphabet, And Fun

by guest on January 11, 2013

ArtABC is a brilliantly conceived FREE iOS application which reinforces alphabet, reading, and phonics related learning topics. Much like an interactive storybook, little learners page through each letter of alphabet, treated to images and narration of the letter and related words. ArtABC doesn’t just encourage tiny scholars in their mastery of the alphabet, however. With backgrounds and animations drawn from details of fine artworks, ArtABC works to engender a love of beautiful artwork in children as well.

ArtABC aims to engage little hands, eyes, and minds in a holistic fashion that turns learning into a true artform. As little fingers explore the screen, colors brighten, new images appear, and objects related to the letter in question are highlighted. Emphasizing both academic learning and an appreciation for sophisticated beauty, ArtABC is a one-of-a-kind learning experience. From Renoir to Van Gogh, it opens up a new world to children, one that they’ll enjoy.

Get yours for FREE today by searching on your smart phone for the free app!!

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