5 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Income

by Jennie on December 22, 2012

Love this guest post just in time for my New Years Resolution: Saving Money!! There are some great and EASY tips in here!!

Earning extra income is generally not easy. If there were simple or obvious ways of boosting income, everyone would be using them. However, if you are re-evaluating your personal finance strategy and looking for a few ways to bring in a little extra cash, there may be some steps you can take to do so. It takes creativity and diligence in most cases, but there are ways to bolster your income in small ways that can add up together. Here are five specific ideas you might want to consider.

1. Sell Your Old Things

Many people allow old, unused possessions to stack up uselessly in drawers and other corners of the house. Instead, consider selling such items every now and then for a bit of profit. Whether it’s an old iPod, an outdated television, a used piece of furniture or even a set of books you’ve already read, you can sell just about anything online. One good strategy is to look through your home at the end of each month for things that you can sell.

2. Teach Lessons

People tend to pay pretty well for private instruction, so if there is any sort of special skill or ability that you can teach, it could become a source of income for you. From teaching piano lessons, to tutoring math students, to coaching sports, individual instruction is highly valued. Working in a few sessions a week, at night or on the weekends, could add up significantly.

3. House Or Pet Sit

Watching somebody’s house, pets, or even children for them while they are out-of-town is a great way to earn extra income with very little effort. In fact, even taking care of someone’s pets – walking dogs in the afternoon, checking on a neighbour’s cat a few times a day, etc. – can yield income. This is not only a simple job for you, but usually a fun one!

4. Consider Simple Investments

While a complex stock portfolio may be a bit too demanding on your time to be considered any sort of side job, some forms of investment are a bit simpler – not to mention a bit safer. For example, consider buying and selling gold at bullionvault.com to make a bit of extra money. The price of gold is not particularly volatile, and rarely drops suddenly or sharply, meaning that over time your investment can be secure, and even profitable.

5. Rent Out Property

You may not have extra space to rent out, but an extra room, a portion of a house or apartment, or even a second property can be an excellent source of extra income, if available. While it is still your responsibility to maintain the property, monthly rental costs can significantly boost your bank account without your having to spend much, or even put in a great deal of effort or time.

This is a guest post by freelancer Alan Jenkins, on behalf of BullionVault.

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