Crib Climber Solution

by Jennie on November 29, 2012

OMG! That is ALL I have to say about this ingenious creation! I was definitely one of the those moms that waited as LONG as I could to change Cody over from a crib to a big boy bed. In my opinion, why let them out of their cage crib until you have to?! lol!! All joking aside, my biggest concern was safety. I worried about him getting out when I was sleeping or furniture falling down on him…. I was a nervous wreck! Cody never climbed out of his crib and he loved his crib so I didn’t see any need to switch him over. I was waiting until he asked, but after he turned three AND being halfway through my pregnancy, I was over the crib. So my hubby built this amazing bed for the Codester and the change over was not near as bad as I had thought. I used the Good Nite Light and after two days, I never had another issue with him getting out of his bed. It has been almost a year and once it is time for bed, he stays in there and does not get out. I think the Good Nite Light is what helped him visually understand in the beginning and now, he is just afraid of getting out of his bed in the dark unless I am there so it just doesn’t happen. Here are some other options for visual night lights. Easy enough!

A friend of mine, Jenny for Juice Plus and Baby Signs, had a FABULOSO idea that she got from another mama. Her twin girls were climbing out of their cribs and after a few days of having them in their toddler beds (and getting this great idea from her friend), she decided to go back to the cribs…. it was a safety issue. How amazing is this??!!!

how to keep your kids from climbing out

how to keep your kids from climbing out

Per Jenny, “We just took the springs out and dropped the mattress completely to the floor.  (I had to wedge some flattened boxes under one mattress so that it was lifted up enough to make sure there was no gap between the top of mattress and bottom of bed frame where fingers or toes could get stuck). You can see that it gives you about 6 to 8 additional inches to stop the little ones from being able to climb out and should give us an additional 6 to 9 months in cribs!” WOW! I just think this is great! If your kids don’t mind being in their crib, I think this is such a great alternative to changing them over before they are ready or getting a crib tent etc. Another thing that worked for Jenny is moving their cribs backwards so the taller side of the crib now faces out. She said that when the girls started climbing out in the beginning she did this and it bought them several months before they realized they could climb out the sides :)

I LOVE this tip and I think this will save a lot of you headaches in the future who have little ones in the crib :) What are some mommy tips that you have adopted over the years that have saved you from insanity?

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Amanda November 29, 2012 at 10:09 am

Very smart… wish I would have thought of that!


MomSupport November 29, 2012 at 10:47 am

I know right?! Me too!Sent from my iPad


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