Running Errands with 2 Kiddos Made EASY Peasy

by Jennie on September 17, 2012

I am always on the go! I really can’t sit still so I was REALLY worried that I wouldn’t be able to run around as much with the birth of my second. I did stay close to home for a few weeks, but Grayson was just a few weeks old when I decided to take them both out for errands. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought! It is more work with two and it takes more time with two, but you can still get the job done :) We even go out to lunch just the 3 of us and it really is all good!! All in all, having my second really hasn’t slowed me down… actually, I think we do even more now than I did with just Cody! I have learned a few things though on how to make running errands with 2 kiddos a little easier!

I have talked before about how I LOVE my wristlet wallet. I think this is a MUST for when you are out running around. If you are just running into a store for a quick sec you can throw that on and not have to take your diaper bag in with you.  It also makes it easy when you are holding a little one at the check out counter and you don’t have enough free hands to dig into your bag to find your wallet.It is right there :)

Another thing I LOVE is my PPB backpack diaper bag. I have had the shoulder diaper bag and in my opinion, a back pack is a MUST HAVE!! It distributes the weight evenly, it isn’t hitting people in the head when you are going through a restaurant (!), and it doesn’t fall off your arm 24-7. I love my PPB because I can wear it as a shoulder bag or backpack so when I am just out with Cody I can use it like a purse!

My other FAV are my “belay” hooks. It may sound crazy, but you can hook just about anything together! I have a hook on my key ring so I can either attach my keys to my wristlet and have it all in one spot or I hook it to my belt looks or on my diaper bag so I always have my keys handy. I have a hook on my diaper bag to hook my snack bag and keep my hands as free as possible. Trust me, THEY WORK WONDERS for EVERYTHING!!

Lastly, I love my carriers. I have a few that I rotate through, but as the kids get bigger I prefer my Ergo. This is just another way to allow me to be hands free!

errand with two

O.k. so you can call me a pack rat, but I always have what I need! Here I am going to an event… I have Grayson in the Ergo, I have snack bag hooked to my diaper bag (which is out of my way as a back pack) and I still have one hand free for my biz bag and one hand for Cody to hold onto! Who says us mamas can’t do it all?!!

How do you make like running errands with multiples easier on yourself? Please share your tips and tricks!

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Amanda September 18, 2012 at 6:33 am

LOL Cute! Biz BAG?


MomSupport September 18, 2012 at 10:30 am

Business bag…. :)Jennie notifications@intensedebatemail.comTo: jenniewestrich@hotmail.comSubject: Surviving Motherhood – New comment requires moderation on: Running Errands with 2 Kiddos Made EASY Peasy


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