Brothers are the BEST!

by Jennie on May 9, 2012

This was going to be a Wordless Wednesday post for me, BUT I had to profess my LOVE for my boys!! Although we have been super busy lately (these days who isn’t?!), I have really been making a point to spend REAL, UNINTERRUPTED quality time with my boys. I have not been on the phone much, I have been limiting my computer time and really trying to get that time with them because I realize how fast time goes by and I don’t want to look back and say, “I wish I would have spent less time doing xyz and spent more time with my kids”

With that being said, I just have to say how much fun I have been having with the boys. Grayson has been such an easy baby (compared to the Codster) that I have really been able to enjoy every minute I spend with him (o.k. well almost every minute!). I have been SO much more relaxed the second time around and nothing seems to really bother me or make me nervous like it did when I first had Cody. I know I am not doing everything right, but I feel so much more confident as a mom and I think the kids only benefit from that.

What I have enjoyed MOST about being a mom of 2 is that the love between my boys grows stronger every day and I know that they will each have a friend for life and that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Yes, I know! You mamas out there with multiples are shaking your head and saying just wait…. wait for that sibling rivalry to kick in! I know ALL about that. I do have siblings of my own! BUT for now, I am in complete bliss with the innocence and affection between the two of them. Grayson is all smiles when big brother comes in the room and his entire face just lights up. When he is fussy, Cody is seriously the only one who can make him happy and content. Grayson just completely lets go and BELLY laughs at Cody for who knows what reason! Cody is such a nurturer and lover when it comes to his little bro. He loves on him, kisses and hugs him and although Grayson is only 9 months old, they play together ALL the time. I have actually been surprised at how much they play together already and now know why moms of multiples say that having siblings in the house is great because you don’t have to be the one to play with them all they time! They play with each other!! That is SO true!  Cody has a blast with G and he can be rough at times with him, but Grayson still loves it! Any attention from his big brother is good enough for him I guess.

The hub takes care of bath time in our house, but when he is working late it is mamas job. Last night I took bath over and it was a blast! Seeing my 2 boys sitting in the tub playing together actually brought tears to my eyes. How can we, as parents, love our kids SO much that it hurts? I have never known a love like this and I was the biggest skeptic when I got preggers with baby #2. I thought it would take away from Cody and change our family and it has done just the opposite. Cody is as happy as he has ever been and our family has changed, but for the better. Now I can see why people have tons of babies because they are addicting!!! Exhausting, but addicting!

O.k. so now I will get off my annoying rant about how much I adore my kids and show you my pic for “Wordless Wednesday”!!

my boys

I wake up the other morning and this is what I found :) Brothers playing happily in bed together!!!

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Amanda May 9, 2012 at 8:43 am

LOVE IT! TOLD YOU SO! You gave Cody the best gift you could ever give him! A brother! :) Now time for #3!! :)


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