Baby to Big Boy: The Little Gym

by Jennie on May 23, 2012

The Little Gym

This is Cody’s last day of his mommy and me class. He has come so far!!

I have been talking over the last few weeks about Cody’s transformation from baby to big boy. The last post was about potty training and our latest potty progress is that he can stand at the big potty to pee so bye- bye little potty!! He has also been practicing wiping himself since some mamas at TLG told me he could totally do it himself so that night I asked him to try and low and behold….he did a pretty good job! I love the time I get while Cody is in his Little Gym big boy class with the other group of moms because I always find out good info and we have a blast laughing at the craziness of being moms!

The Little Gym was Cody’s next big transition….which was probably the biggest transition thus far. I talked about how shy he was and when our mommy and me gym class was coming to an end, I talked with Page (one of the owners of TLG) to see if she thought he was ready for the big boy class. To my surprise, she said yes! I had immediate stomach pain! I just didn’t know if he was ready. After talking for a long time with Page, I realized that she had in all under control!

What has amazed me from our very first class at TLG is that they treat every kid as their own. They don’t box the kids all together like some places I have been. They treat them as individuals and base what they do and how they react based on that child’s needs. Page had a plan for me that I was comfortable with to make things as easy as possible for Cody (and mommy)! I love that TLG doesn’t just expect you to throw your child into this brand new experience and let them sink or swim. Everything that they do there with the kids is intentional and carefully thought out. Cody is in love with his teachers at TLG and they all helped him through the transition of taking his first class as a big boy and stepping out of mama’s arms.

A few things I think that did help come “game day”:
*We talked a lot about his big boy class before we went. This has always helped him prepare for things that I think may be a little overwhelming for him.
*There is a glass wall so the kids can see you outside while they are in class. We got there early for the first day of class so that he didn’t feel rushed. I showed him where I would be sitting so that he knew he could find me if he needed something.
*He brought his bear and his camera so that bear could watch and I could take pics of his class so he could see them after class.

He did really great his first class. I was a nervous wreck the day of and I was thankful the hubs surprised Cody and I by showing up to show his support! He had a few hiccups his next couple of classes, but did great overall. Now, I can actually take him to class and run next door to the grocery store and get my shopping done before he finishes! I take advantage of that here and there which has been really nice! I almost died the first time I did that. If you can imagine me running through the grocery store in heels, with one of the moms there on speed dial so I could check in, and I get back and he was just fine…..I was happy, yet a little sad because it just showed he was growing up! This is a little snip it of him in class all by himself and me behind the glass :)

I love watching him in class because I can see how proud he is of himself when he completes a task. I can see how he pushes himself outside his comfort zone and he really has blossomed! I truly feel that TLG has made one of the biggest impacts on Cody’s growth over the last six months. He has become so independent, confident and out of his shell that sometimes I don’t even recognize him!

The Little Gym really is a unique place. It is so much more than a gym class. The instructors treat the kids like gold. They teach so many different things in class: gymnastic skills (which help with math skills, spatial awareness and so much more), preschool prep/ academics using colors, letters etc., chores, recycling, time and the list goes on. They called Cody on his birthday to wish him a happy birthday, his teacher wrote him a letter one day and sent it to him in the mail, just thanking him for being in class and saying how proud he was of him, they help me out with the kids to the car when it’s raining…..I just can’t say enough good things.

Overall, I just want to say that if it wasn’t for my pediatrician recommending a gym class for 2-5 year olds and the Groupon deal I would have never tried The Little Gym. I am SO happy that we did because it has been one of the best experiences for me as a parent and for Cody. Thank you TLG! Lots of love to you!!

For anyone who wants to give The Little Gym a try, your first class is free and they are offering unlimited classes in the summer if you sign up for a summer session. They also have summer camp so you can sign up for one camp or multiple camp days. They are super flexible which I love! You really should check then out :) What places are you loving at the moment that you feel is making a positive impact on your kids? How have you dealt with big transitions?

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