Transforming from Baby to Big Boy

by Jennie on April 27, 2012

I wanted to take some time over the next few weeks to write some posts about my first born, aka big brother! The transformation that he (and all kids) make over the first three years of life is just phenomenal. I think that with the hustle and bustle of life and with the day in and day out daily grind of being a parent, sometimes it is easier to focus on what our kids are doing wrong, how they are grating on our nerves for the millionth time and how many times we have to say no and stop that, that we need to refocus on the positive and the joy they bring to our lives! (right?!)

I know for myself, I like routine and consistency, so parenting has been a challenge from that aspect (well most other aspects as well but I digress!). Although I feel like we have routine and great consistency in our home, it is forever changing and evolving. You start to get comfortable with one stage and then they change it up on you (kind of like Facebook!) so you can’t get too use to anything. That is one of the biggest lessons I have learned is that you have to get outside your comfort zone as a parent and pretty much stay there because “you never know what you’re gonna get”! With that being said, I would talk with friends about how much I was dreading “the next stage”. This was everything from going from purées to solid foods, potty training, big boy classes (without mom) and the big boy bed. I was dreading every last one of them.

My goal in writing these over the next few weeks is to share with you how I handled these transitions, got out of my comfort zone and how, in the end, it really wasn’t bad at all (or maybe that depends on the day you ask me about it lol)! Anyway……I hope that you will share your stories with me on how each transition was for you and any tips and tricks you learned along the way that may help other mamas out there who are struggling with the same issues. Lastly, I hope that one day my beautiful little boy, who will one day be a man eek(!), will look back on these posts and know that I may not have done everything right, but I tried my best and loved him through it all!

Stay tuned next week for my “part one”, crying, crying and more crying. Sounds fun doesn’t it?!

In the meantime, if you want to share your story in detail about how you handled one of the many child transitions, please email us at jennieandkim at gmail dot com. We would love to share your story with the world!


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Amanda April 27, 2012 at 2:31 pm

look forward to it :) See you tomorrow… don't forget the bow!! :)


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