Organize 365 ~ an organizational tip a day ~ everyday in 2012

by Jennie on January 4, 2012

We met mama Lisa at the bloggy con conference we attended in the summer. She has a very inspiring blog and is now going to share all of her organizational tidbits in 2012!! For those of you who can only do organizing in small doses, Lisa has broken it down to just a tip a day so anyone, even the most chaotic and disorganized person can follow along and help turn that clutter into PEACE!!


organize tips

Organization is a journey not a destination. Some of us are born ready for the
various organizational challenges we will face along our journey. Others are gifted
in less categorical areas.

But regardless of your organizational predisposition, the American life is fast
paced and clutter laden. I would imagine the apex of that clutter parade occurs
around the time you have school age children in your home, but since I have not
experienced anything beyond that, I could be wrong.

I am a born organized person. I take joy in changing chaos to calm –
organizationally. I love jigsaw puzzles and analyzing the most productive and
efficient ways to complete items on my “to do” list.

I know I am NOT normal! In my abnormality I have helped children, ADHD adults
and others break down their chaotic messes into doable chunked assignments.

The greatest testimonies I receive are clients who were unable to “stay
organized” no longer needing my organizational services. Through listening and
analyzing I can custom create organizational systems that STAY organized even
after I leave.

Organize 365 is my dream of reaching as many people as I can with a daily,
doable organizational thought or tip to help YOU live your best organizational

In addition to the daily Facebook tips I will be posting an Organize 365 weekly
update every Monday on my blog. If you have a blog, I invite you to come link up
with me starting Monday, January 2 and join me as we Organize the 365 days in

Lisa, Warrior Mama

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Lisa January 4, 2012 at 5:09 pm

Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to a more organized 2012!



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