Surviving the First Year With Your Baby

by Jennie on December 10, 2011

Today’s post is for all those Mommies-to-be out there who are busy collecting all that baby gear, waiting for the arrival of your little one! We want to try to help by sharing with you a list of our favorite MUST NEED baby items that we couldn’t live without!
Surviving BabyThis list is different for everyone but hopefully this can serve as a starting point for you! We hope everyone who already has kids will also join in by sharing their favorite baby survival items!

Before we begin, we want to recommend the Baby Bargains book which is a fantastic way to compare various baby products!

  • White Noise (you can put it on an ipod [or phone] and use a speaker so they can listen to it while out, in their car seat, or stroller. Drowns out outside noises etc.


Must Have Soothers!
  •  Paci, Swing (the kind that plugs in saves batteries!! Cody lived in his the first few weeks!), bouncy seat with vibration, pack n play for portable place to sleep and I would get one with a changing table to save your back!
  • Tummy Time, Baby Massage class with Michelle Emmanuel at the CFEC!!!! AWESOME! You will learn SO much!
  • If Nursing You Can Find Private Places in Public: Babies r us has a room, Kenwood Mall by bathrooms has rooms with glider/ changing table/ sink, Sams has a family bathroom too.
  • Baby Wearing (a must… allows your hand to be free and still keep your baby close when they’re newborn): Maya, Moby, Ergo
Other Must Have Baby Items
Diaper Bag
  • Keep stocked with diapers, wipes, antibacterial soap and wipes, change of clothes, paci, bib, burp cloth, snacks, a few toys, a little ER pack you can keep Tylenol, thermometer, nose sucker, diaper cream etc. Come Prepared!
  •  Babywise (great book if you want to get your baby in a routine- does talk about CIO but you don’t have to do this part! We did not do CIO with Cody but this book allowed me to feel like I had a little control of my rather chaotic day with a newborn.). 
  • Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
  •  Dana Obelman (a gentle approach for setting up a plan to get your child to sleep and gives lots of practical advice!)
Please join in by sharing with me YOUR favorite baby products when your kids were little!

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