How to Make Organic Living Easy & Affordable

by Jennie on February 28, 2011

I think the biggest misconception about going with organic and more healthier food options is that is costs too much. Yes, a lot of prepackaged organic food is more expensive… you are paying for convenience. What I have found though is that if you cook more from scratch using the healthier options from the grocery store you can spend the same as you would on conventional items. We have talked a lot in the past about how to you can make healthier purchases and decisions for your family on the cheap. Here are just a few reminders:

You can also follow our link to our healthy living page for additional info!

Although some of these resources may be time consuming (canning, starting your own garden), most of them don’t take any additional time. The farmers markets can be a ton of fun and educational for the kids. Making your own cleaning products can also be easy and SO cheap!!! I have been on this journey for years now and my biggest piece of advice I can give to someone wanting to make changes in what they are feeding their family would be to start small! We can’t do it all so if this is something that is important to you and you aren’t sure where to start then pick one thing and go from there. After a few months you will be amazed at how the small changes you are making along the way add up! I think the easiest thing to start with would be to switch out  “the dirty dozen” produce you buy to organic and then go from there. It really does get easier and it becomes second nature after a while.

What really prompted this post was an email I received from Healthy Child Healthy World. They have partnered up with a few others to create a “a new online community for moms to connect, share stories, ask questions and engage with a panel of experts to learn more about the growing trend of eating organic. Expert guests will engage with moms and dads on the site to answer some of the most common questions about organics including the health and environmental benefits, as well as easy and low-cost ways to incorporate organics into their homes.” I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! Follow the link below for more information and to sign up… it is FREE! Remember, the more people who buy the organic, healthier options at the grocery store results in the cost coming down! Every vote counts!!

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