Few Ideas for Family Fun!

by Jennie on July 8, 2010

  • We both LOVE to watch movies and it is just so expensive to go to the theatre!!! You can sign up for Red Box and receive codes that allows you a free movie rental the first monday of every month! This is also a cheap way for you to rent movies because they are only $1!! You can find Red Box located at many store locations and gas stations. (you can get all movie accessories at Michaels right now in the dollar bins)
  • Love museums? We found this site that tells you where you can find free admission to museums around the country!
  • Have fun with sidewalk chalk! Pick some up at your local $1 store and let the kids go crazy decorating the great outdoors! I thought Cody was too little to enjoy this, but he LOVES to “paint” the driveway with color!
  • Homemade Sprinkler: (thanks to jmwood for sending us the next two outdoor activities!)
    • Supplies: Plastic gallon-size milk jug, hammer, nails, water
    • Activity Detail: Who needs a water can in the summer when your child can water the pots/plants with a homemade watering can? Take an empty and clean gallon-size plastic milk jug. Poke holes towards the bottom of the container with a hammer and nails. Then take your watering can outside, fill with water, and let your child have fun watering the flower, the yard, the sidewalk, or your feet!
  • Decorating Flower Post & Planting Seeds:
    • Supplies: Small flower pots, paint (see our recipe for DIY paint), brushes, potting soil, seeds
    • Activity Detail: This can be a great party craft or fun project at home. Have kids paint the outside of their flower pots and allow them to dry. When pots are dry enough to handle, have the kids pour in the potting soil and sprinkle in the seeds. (herbs are super easy to grow and maintain and you can grow them on your windowsill!) Watch your plant grow!
Hope you can enjoy some of these with your family! We would love for you to tell us your favorite family fun activity! **Don’t forget to check our Family Fun page for great ideas on how you can spend quality time with your family!**

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